Start the Home Design Process

Start the Home Design Process

Schedule a consultation with a homebuilder

One of the best parts of building a custom home is the ability to have input for just about every decision-that's what your design consultation is for. When you work with Rebello Construction Inc, you'll set up a time to meet and discuss your preferences for every last thing.

Your meeting can be as simple or as detailed as you want. We just want to make sure we know exactly what you need. Email now to schedule your consultation with a homebuilder.

What to expect from your consultation

Being prepared for your consultation will ensure things go smoothly from start to finish. During your first meeting, you can expect to discuss...

  • Your preferred design and layout
  • How big you want your home to be
  • The location of your new construction

If you don't have everything figured out yet, that's OK, too. We'll ask a lot of questions to get to know your construction preferences.